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Monday, March 06, 2006

Sigmund's Si-gar!

Sigmund's "Cigar" Posted by Picasa

This picture cracks me up! Sigmund walks around with his beef stick in his mouth like it's a big ol' cigar. Don't try to take it away either - he won't let you! He puts this in his mouth when he's in the mood to cuddle with you. It's his little hint!

Here's a fun website I found - you can enter your pooch in the "Cutest Dog Contest." Who knows - you may win $5,000. But just an FYI - Sigmund's already entered - so better luck next year! HA HA!


Blogger Colleen said...

That really DOES look like a stogie....at first I thought, "OMG! Poor Sigmund is going to get lung cancer!" So glad to see its just a beef stick :)

10:04 PM

Anonymous Jim Sanders said...

Hey Anita,
This is a voice from your past in Merced, California! I just happened to be cleaning out my wallet and found your old Channel 30 Card...looked you up on Google and here we are.

Things are really busy here, growing like hell (the community, not my gut!). I have gotten along well with Katie who took your place, but I still miss you.

Hope all is well with you. My campaign Treasurer was a guy named Fabian Mills who used to manage Wired and the Starbucks downtown. He is now managing some Starbucks there in Portland that is open 24 hours....don't know the address, but if you see him, tell him "hey" for me....

Good to see you are alive, well and blogging. Love yer dawg!!

Jim Sanders
Merced, California

2:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.

3:22 AM


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