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Friday, January 06, 2006

Pug in the Snow

Sigmund's First Day in the NW Snow! Posted by Picasa

BRRRRR!!!!!! A suprise snow storm caught this pug by surprise. (and his owners!) Does he look cold? He's got a sweater and rain coat on... but his toes were freezing!!!! Sigmund's hilarious when it comes to "weather." He has a moisture sensor deep inside that can detect any drop of water. If he senses rain, he refuses to go out. It's funny - he goes flat on the ground and you have to drag him out. Once he's done with the "biz"... he runs home faster than I can keep up. Poor guy - he lives in the northwest. He better get used to it!
Stay tuned - next posting... Sigmund's long list of health issues! He's eight months and has a vet bill over $3000!!!!


Blogger Rachel said...

Hi Sigmond-It was nice finally meeting you! Thanks for letting me stay at your house over New Years! I am in Aussie land now and you would enjoy all the warm sunshine! Cheers, mate!

5:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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