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Monday, February 27, 2006

Pug Pile!

Pug in a Pile! Posted by Picasa

Sigmund's favorite way to spend Sundays - At Lexi Dog!
We seriously can't even walk past without him going crazy to get inside! Lately, there have been about a dozen or more pugs! It's so cute to see them all play together. It's like they know their own kind! It's hard to tell - but Sigmund is in the middle of that Pug Pile! He loves to play chase. It doesn't matter if he's the chaser or the chasee, as long as he's running. He'll get so tired, but he just can't stop! He's definitely a dog's dog.

The other picture is from Pug in the Park. Once a month, Portland pug owners get together in the park to play. Sigmund loves it - but he often plays with all the un-pugs there. I think the other pugs are too fat and slow for him! Everyone there always says he's fast, for a pug! That's Sigmund - light on his feet! Let's just say after two pug parties Sunday - he's beat!

For all pug lovers... Check out this website. It's all the pugs from the Westminster Dog Show.


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