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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Pug Back With His Pack!

Sigmund's Brother - Leroy!!!!
(The one above is Sigmund and Leroy when they were puppies!)

Sigmund and I met his brother "Leroy," last week and wanted to share him with all of you!

He's a total love pug - so soft and sweet! The funny thing... when I finally decided I was getting a Pug back in August - I saw Leroy's picture and wanted him. So we set off thinking we'd be coming home with Leroy. But when we got there - I fell in love with Sigmund and he fell in love with me!!!! So I picked him instead! (now - I just wish he had a bit of his brother's mellow personality!)

Small world - even though Sigmund's from the coast... his brother is here in Portland, too! We met at Lexi Dog after I was oohing and ahhing over how cute Leroy was. His owner and I put two and two together and figured out they're from the same litter! I think I'm the only one who cares it's his brother - Sigmund seems uninterested. How strange - dog's don't know their families.

Ok - so do you need a laugh? Check out this link with pugs in hats!


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