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Monday, February 26, 2007


Watch out for the "Puparazzi!"
To celebrate the Oscar's, I hosted a party complete with the red carpet.
The one thing missing -
The paparazzi.
That's where Sigmund fit in.
I knew he would run and greet everyone at the door and bark at them so I figured...
why not make him a little "camera" and he can be the "puparazzi!"


Blogger Christine said...

That is the BEST idea!! lol

5:12 PM

Anonymous Kennie said...

Hey! I made a cute virtual pet site and I'd like you to check it out and maybe adopt one of the virtual pet's and put it on your blog. The link is below.


4:17 PM

Anonymous Kennie said...

meant adopt one of the virtual pets, not adopt one of the virtual pet's.

4:20 PM


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