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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pug on a Hike!

Who says pugs can't hike!

Check out Sigmund on his latest adventure! --- 7 miles!

Patrick loaded up and took Sigmund to "The Gorge," this week. We're trying to gear him up for an overnight backpacking trip later this summer. Since I had to work, this account will have to come from Patrick.

He says he did really well - they did have to stop for a few pug rests, but Sigmund didn't get too tired - until the top of the hill. (you have to think - he's walking two times as far as us - with four legs!) But when it came time for a nap - Patrick says Sigmund laid on his chest and kept watch! He wouldn't sleep - rather - stayed alert while Patrick did. Good guard dog! He even defended him like crazy when a fellow hiker came by. The funny thing, even though he was tired, when it came time to leave - he practically pulled Patrick down the hill... running the whole way!

The pooped pug then slept all the way home and most of the evening! I think he was slightly sore the next day - he kind of hobbled when I took him out for a walk!


Blogger Patrick said...

yeah, he's a good little hiking buddy. I was surprised, I walk a pretty jamming pace and he was right up there with me mile for mile, mano e mano......

3:51 PM

Blogger EBV said...

this is encourageing to hear, we have wondered how our Tater would do. Our older dog (non Pug) went on her first hike she was 7 months old and ran everwhere till we got off the mountian 10+ miles of steep terian.

8:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:22 AM


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