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Monday, May 21, 2007

Pug Crawl 2007 - Sigmund Wins!

Ok - So I finally have time to fill you in on the fun-filled "Pug Crawl!"

It rained... so typical for Oregon... but the Pugs didn't mind. What they did mind... wet costumes!

Sigmund rocked! He looked so crabby in his crab costume. He was not happy to have to wear that hat. I think his attitude sealed the deal for him, helping him take home the top prize. (That - and the fact he danced down the parade route! I knew that trick would come in handy.) That's his "before" and "after" up top! Too bad his "Bite me!" letters fell off!
And just FYI - Portland has a few anchor/reporter types with pugs. That's Kelley Day from KOIN and her 3, yes 3, pugs! They were characters from "The Wizard of Oz." So cute!
Check out the Oregon Humane Society's photos of the event to see more of the stiff competition. My personal favorite, the Volkswagon Bus!!!!!


Blogger kelley day said...

Hi Anita! It was so great to meet you yesterday! I still can't believe Sigmund won - he was such a cute little Lobster. Thanks for posting the pics of my 'fam' - my mom will love it.. I can't believe you have a blog for your puggy - good to know I'm not the only crazy pug lady out there "-)
We'll have to get together for a pug play date this summer!
Take Care - Kelley

3:17 PM

Blogger kathy said...

YAY Sigmund!!!!!
Love, Kathy & Thomas

3:35 PM

Blogger Steve Vallee said...

Congratulations! I knew Sigmund would win it, dancing around and all.. especially being the only pug that could actually do a trick! (We had Jimi, the Wonder Bread pug.) Hope to see you next time!
-Steve & Family

10:58 AM


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