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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lonely Pug

Sigmund is a lonely pug these days. We gave Torry Kittee to a new family this week and everyone's sad... Especially Sigmund.

I've been losing my voice a lot and the doctor's determined I have numerous issues - including a severe allergy to my cat. I've always had it - but ignored it. Trouble is - when you live in 950 square feet and your cat sleeps on your chest - it's a little hard. I was afraid it was ultimately going to be my job or the cat. And since the cat doesn't pay the bills...

Since she left, Sigmund's been walking around looking for her, checking under the bed and in all the corners. If you say, "where's Torrey?" He'll look up and all around to all the places she used to try to get away from him.

At least we know she's at a wonderful place... no other pets, just her. An acre of land to roam. A family that lost a cat and is ready to love a new one. And close enough to visit.


Anonymous Crystal said...

So sorry but at least you can go to see her when you want. Mom

8:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nooooooo! You abandoned Torry Kittee!!

How could you??

Hey Anita, this is Stephanie Wilder. Your brother teaches at my school. (I graduate in January by the way!)

Miss you!!

11:31 PM


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