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Monday, July 10, 2006

Pug and his... Pug?

Does anyone else find it slightly weird that Sigmund is chewing on a... PUG?

He picked out this toy last week. We were out enjoying First Thursday - spending a little time in the stores... and this stuffed pug was in a basket on the floor. It's not for dogs - but Sigmund saw it and grabbed the little guy's tail and went to town! I looked at the clerk and handed her my credit card, no questions asked and said, "I guess we'll be buying that, now." I didn't really want to - but I couldn't stand the thought of some little girl picking it out and holding it after Sigmund left his doggie slobber all over it.


Blogger Pyrite said...

Pyrite has been chewing on a stuffed pug her whole life. It looks like Sigmund's and is not a pet toy yet she loves Percy dearly. She beat him up, sucks on his ears and falls asleep with him at night!


5:24 AM

Anonymous kbean said...

well, i think one time one of my pugs stole one of my stuffed pug animals, and chewed on it a little bit.

1:18 PM


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