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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wilders in the Wild

What happened to the summers that used to seem to long?
Here is is August, and we finally got to hit the trail and head out for our first backpacking trip of the summer.
Seven and a half miles up Eagle Creek Trail...
and you have Camp Wilder!
So do you think Sigmund REALLY likes to camp...
if all he likes to do is be in the tent?
Our incredible campsite right along Eagle Creek.
Patrick's most excited about his "Bake-packer" oven!
Can you smell the pipping hot banana-blueberry muffins he cooked?
And how cool is this... checkers even seven and a half miles up the trail.
Best part - we didn't have to pack it in!


Blogger almond said...

cute checkers!
soo el natural`

6:37 PM


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