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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Portland Pug Crawl 2006

Pug Crawl 2006 - a success!

Here are some pictures from the fun event. There were just so many cute pugs - I had to choose just a few!

The Cheshire Pug won first place in the costume contest, but the Geisha Pug wasn't far behind!
Pug owners are so creative! We thought Sigmund and his pal Oliver might have a chance. They were dressed as Court Jesters... and I had Sigmund walk on his hind legs during the parade. The crowd LOVED it! No one else got the cheers he did - but I guess the judges were only going for fashion.

The three pugs are Sigmund and our Lexi Pals - Booker and Brutus!

The little black pug is Tater!!! He's a "pug in the pearl" fan! I said Sigmund's name - and his owners recognized him from the blog!

And - that's Sigmund completely passed out from a day of pug fun. He didn't even make it in the house before he collapsed. A good pug is a tired pug!

I got the greatest pug T-shirt. Check out their website "Cone n' Beach" for your own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey - that dog is so cute but he still can't call me Bubbe! We love to check out the blog. Natalie wants a picture of you on your new toy with Sig. You are loved! Mom

7:56 PM

Anonymous Amy said...

Hi Anita!
Thanks so much for mentioning me on your wonderful blog! Your pugs are adorable. I love the couch picture!
I'll be in touch with you soon regarding the c'est bon doggie shirts.
Have a great day,
Amy (pug designer)

2:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your pictures. I added some to my site as well. I think I may even have one of Sig. You can check it out at http://www.portlandlabrador.com/Pug_Crawl_2006.htm

2:48 PM


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