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Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Pug" Koo Kim - Alleged Underwear Thief

(Before you freak out - yes - those are clean... and yes - they're now in the trash!)

Maybe this is T.M.I.... but... Sigmund has an obsession with underwear. Male, female... clean, dirty... he doesn't care. He can find them buried under a pile of laundry the size of our building.

You should see his reaction when he gets a pair. He runs around prancing like he's the most clever pug ever!

(As for the title - If you live here you know who "Sung" Koo Kim is. If you don't, it likely doesn't make sense. He's a man who confessed to sneaking in to dorms and stealing underwear.)


Blogger Patrick said...

Let's clarify a couple of things:

1. No, sigmund does not do this with my boxers.

2. Anita let's her laundry pile up the size of our building.

9:05 PM

Anonymous Crystal Kissee said...

That's my girl! We miss you! Mom

11:31 PM

Anonymous kbean said...

oh! a pug that likes underwear.

1:20 PM


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